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How Quantity and Diversity of Data Sources Determine What's True for your CMDB & Beyond

While it’s tempting to cling to a single “trusted source” for discovering IT assets and their servicerelated interdependencies, too often it creates a false sense of security that can lead to disappointments, failures and sometimes even catastrophic results. This is because optimizing IT assets and managing IT services—whether for change and configuration, or for performance and availability—typically depends on many dimensions beyond the capabilities of a single discovery or inventory tool. Moreover, IT hardware and software infrastructures are varied and complex, and no single source is optimized for the full range of technology types, brands, and versions that exist across large, enterprise distributed environments.

This white paper looks at research from EMA, as well as from Blazent, to highlight the requirements for reconciling and normalizing multiple sources in support of superior IT service management effectiveness. It will also include comments from real-world deployments to underscore both requirements and best practices in building a system to support a CMDB or CMS capable of weathering the dynamic pressures of contemporary IT and business environments.

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